Friday, August 24, 2012

India unedited

It’s been so long I visited. Thought would drop by to say hello since the queen’s land seems more cheerful over the long weekend (and the Mrs is visiting desi land). The post today is on the back of a facebook comment I made after listening to NDTV and was a reflection of what I have been feeling for months (maybe years). I repeat it below for those of you who are not privy to my facebook friend list!

‘After all these years of not giving up my Indian nationality, the hope of light in that country is so dim that I am contemplating if it’s even worth being a citizen of such a nation. The systems are so broken and in the process, over 65 years since independence it’s made the whole society go corrupt and immoral. After hearing that the government has ordered that web pages of some of the biggest newspapers in the world be blocked in India as they were writing anti-ruling party articles, I bow down my head in shame. If this is Democracy, I would rather stay under the Raj.

It had many comments from people from various walks of my life, interestingly as a person obsessed with trends I can see a correlation in these wall posts too, and it’s not data mining(I will come back to this point at the end of this post). I will first point out what I meant by my comment above and then get onto my observation and to some extent smile the reactions brought to myself.

I do believe that India is a broken state; I have said this for many years. The country has no judicial system (I have faced it personally losing a battle in court after 5 years which in any western country would have been closed within 5 days on the other side), there is a huge moral deficit and there is no tolerance for anything different. The last point is critical; India does not want to hear a point of view which differs from what it’s been taught as way of life, it is dismissive of any suggestion that differs from her. In the comment above when I say I bow down my head in shame, if read again, you will notice in no instance I say that I do it to be Indian, I say that as the very action of stifling a view makes me ashamed as being part of that system and responsible for the acts of these leaders that I have chosen to run my country.

I further said, ‘If this (referring to blocking views from Global media) is democracy, I would rather be under the Raj.’ I would say that again.  One of the comments said this is like inflicting insult on the martyrs’ which makes me chuckle as I am wondering if these martyrs had seen the India of today, they probably would have died again. I repeat that I would rather be under the Raj or any other rule if that’s what gives me and my loved ones the right to be free and heard. I don’t care who rules the country as long as it’s democratic, as the very definition of that term would equate to for the people, by the people. By suppressing a point of view you challenge the very fundamental base of that term and its identity. Secondly, I don’t want, expect or plead you to believe, follow or accept my view, it’s my personal understanding of the situation so please don’t preach me that I should not be thinking the way I do; I don’t mind you thinking otherwise.   Let’s agree to disagree.

Now coming back to the trend in the reactions I have seen whenever I put forth such views as mentioned above. The ones who are absolutely dismissive are mostly who are a few decades elder to me, they are probably set in their own ways, too proud about the nation to believe it needs a fundamental change or ready to accept that maybe the freedom fight was not as worth as they have been taught to believe. The same trend I have noticed in the ones who are a lot younger, who have not been exposed to other cultures as much, as yet. The ones who are more philosophical (read dismissive but more polite!) have travelled the world a bit more, they understand in their head and to some extent believe the view I have put forward but are too patriotic for their hearts to accept. Then there is a group who honestly don’t give a damn, it’s just trendy to be the devil’s advocate (I know how that feels myself!). There is also another group which loves to ‘like’ comments that sounds like a good argument irrespective of the fact if it resembles their point of view or not.

Lastly, I must add that, yes it is very easy to criticize but it’s also the most important action to get any institute(or country) functioning efficiently. India is a nation with immense potential but functioning very ineffectively. I think we should criticize where ever we feel it can improve as that is what makes a nation move forward. Finally, For the person quoting Abraham Lincoln on my facebook wall (I have read his too and find him extremely good) I will end with what one of our own said:

‘Freedom is not worth having, unless you have the freedom to fail and criticize.’ M. K. Gandhi.



Monday, January 11, 2010

Give me some sunshine, give me some rain

Kitni battein yaad aatin hai, tasveere si ban jaati hai,
mein kaise inhe bhulun, dil ko kya samjhau,
kyu poori ho na payi daastaan ,
kaise aayi hai aaisi dooriyaan.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves,

Sometimes we have to let go to find out if it stays,

Sometimes we have to lie well to know the truth,

Sometimes we have to forget to remember,

Sometimes we have to do it not with proof but belief,

Sometimes we have to die to live,

Sometimes we have to be ourselves ,

Sometimes we have to forgive,

atleast sometime we have to get seperate to be together...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Mumbai meri jaan

' 2008 Isnt 2001, November is not september, Pakistan isnt Afganistan and India is not America'.

Mumbai terror attacks are being called India's 9/11, maybe these people in the media do not realise the extent of hatred that they are creating for short term TRP's and to what gravity would it affect not one but all the people in south Asia if not the whole globe.
The whole focus has been Pakitan's involvement and to create a map around where and when did the lone terrorist caught came from the neighbouring country, whereas the focus should be on why and how are these camps being created. Why would a 21 year old come into a different country and shoot innocent people from various walks of life? What do we do to make these kids realise that what they are doing is not only wrong in the eyes of a sane human but also in the vision of the very great they 'think' they are pleasing. We need t ask these questions and find answers, before it gets too late. We need to do this together.

South Asia is on a brink of either a nuclear or civil war, we have to be intelligent here and stop the collapse of the free south Asia that we wanted we have seen western power's ruling us for years , if we don't get our acts together now, the future would be worse than it was before 1947. Not because anybody is ruling us, but because there is no rule.

There are 2 roads from here, terror and destruction or peace and mutual growth. Choose.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


2008- it was a year of big ups and downs, many things which were an integral part of me do not exist in my life anymore, many things i did not have within me are an integral part of me now.

It was a year which made me realise I have grown up, I am not the 19 year old boy, going to IHC for theatre workshops anymore, but a 26 year old man going to Lothian road for Investment support. It gave me some wonderful friends and made me loose some other wonderful ones. Gave me money and made me loose a lot of it too, gave me lot of joy and as much sorrow.
I don't know if this year was good or bad for me at this point of time, I don't even know if this year would mean the same to me next year, but 1 thing I know for sure, I will definitely miss you 2008 .

It has not ended as yet. Maybe it wants to get more surprises and challenges.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These miss you nights

I've had many times
I can tell you
Times when innocence, I'd trade for company
And children saw me crying
I thought I'd had my share of that
But these miss you nights
Are the longest

Midnight diamonds
Stud my heaven
Southward burning
Lie the jewels that burn my place
And the warm winds
That embrace me
Just as surely kissed your face
Yeah these miss you nights
Are the longest

How I miss you
I'm not likely to tell
I'm a man and cold day light
Buys the pride I'd rather sell
All my secrets
Are a wasted affair
You know them well
Thinking of my going
How to cut the thread
And leave it all behind

Looking windward for my compass
Im taking each day as it arrives
But these miss you nights
Are the longest

Lay down all thoughts of your surrender
It's only me who's killing time
Lay down all dreams and themes once remembered
It's just the same
This miss you game
Yeah these miss you nights
Are the longest.

Im not likely to tell anyone
Neither am I ever going to forget
This wound would go away someday,
But for now,
Yeah these miss you nights,
Are the longest.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Full stop. Go. Full stop.

Its a grey area, a space of disbelief.

Life is moving at a fast speed, weeks roll by feeling like hours, it seems everything is slipping away, but it is all relative.
Is life about embracing the new?

When you belong to a land , where humans are worshiped like gods, where being a Gandhi or a Batchchan is enough to live life like a King, it is very easy to get lost in personalities, loose your own self in an at temp to become the other. But then you ask yourself, who is this other?

Self beliief is the greatest strength we have, doing the above makes us loose that self from the belief but still we try to live impressionated life's in hope of reaching streams where others have with time.
Mohammad Ali said ' I am the greatest'. Those words ring a bell in one's ears, Shahrukh khan said 'I am the king of the world' , it makes our body hair stand, Golberg said ' I knew i will get this, all my life', it makes us dream as well.

We don't like winners; We like following them though. We cannot stand others success; we try copying it still. Why don't we trust ourselves?
Remember, life talks to us everyday, gives us a chance every moment, to make us stand up on our feet and say 'I will make it happen', lets go conquer the world. Amen.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Glass- Go Reflections

Those were the days

Kelvinhaugh gate
Dumbarton road
Ashton lane
Queen Margret residences
Winton drive
GU Business school
Stevenson building
GU Library
GU Guardian
Herald, Renfield street
Byres road
Banana leaf
Cost cutters(Argyle street)
Nisa ( ")
City centre(Primark)
168 Great George street
1248 Argyle street
66 Fergus Drive


Sunday, February 24, 2008


Each day gets worse, its a date with destiny.

The day started with plan

Will go to Glasgow, get stoned at 1248 Argyle street, eat chicken curry made by D, and chat with people i miss each and every moment i spend in Edinburgh(or anywhere else)

As like i always have been able to do, having a knack to be undecided till the end, i thought i will not go this weekend for reason beyond reason, i cannot even mention them here for common sense sake, in Radhakrishnan terms, 'it was an abomination to common sense'.

Now plan 2

Will watch a film , got unlimited card(which i did, yayyyyyy), and eat out somewhere really nice. As mihika thought Jodha akbar is not worth watching we changed the film plan to a film which had something to do with blood, cat couldn't have made it o that got cancelled as well.


Went for a Jazz singing concert , Mihika ,me and cat to see their friend lisa perform, it took me a while to figure out whats going on in that shady basement in the middle of nowhere .
Mihika got drunk in 3 wine glasses, cat was on 3 shots of redbull and i was on a pint which felt like 3(maybe more with the even more sore throat today morning)......................................


Get a hold of yourself dude, you need a desperate Sanity check and your life a makeover!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Self Ranting!

Edinburgh is a city of weird circumstances, this place has something about it which puts you in a position where you have to crib! I mean no matter how much i try each night i feel i should run away from this place, dude how can it be so bad, even though i am getting great reviews at work(touch wood) and yes its fun too, am doing plays in the evenings, there are people around even if not as many as Glasgow or Delhi, and and now i even have gym,swimming and yoga classes to look forward to, what else do you want in life dude?????

Damn , only if knew!

I am not liking the feel of staying in this place, there is something about the city which excites me but then there is something which makes me feel that i cannot stay here any longer, undecided as i have always been, have been staying here for the last 3 months, but i guess soon it might be time to move on, if the city of dead people does not come alive!

Is there no one who can share my mind here?

There would be some people like me, even in this city of DE AD!
I shall find them soon, or you shall find me soon!(read another city)
(Figures crossed)

Btw had a neat day at work, went to gym and watched 1-40 ki local train!
Time for caffeine and nicotine, late rs!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The days go bye(read by)...

So what's been happening for the last few weeks and months from which this blogspot has been spitting out for ink or key sounds , NOT MUCH my friend!

The last month has been one of agony and pain, thanks to 'talk talk Joydeep', I have been using most of my salary to the ever so irritating face of the polish aunty who runs an internet cafe at leith walk and charges a pound for an hour, i can own a cafe for that money in delhi(well almost!), the fact that i have to walk a mile to log on and worse that its fu#/:~ng -3C everytime i walk out in this country. To add insult to injury i have been fighting with three broadband providers who claim i am using their service, even more damn these shops close at 9pm , not realising that its dead boring in this city called edinburgh. OK stop cribbing now! What the Fuck!

Actually its not so bad, did a play with Dev and his group, was good fun to hang out with a bunch of thespo's(theatre desperates if people have forgotten the long lost blog) after a while, re-lived the past , which was nice, sereal but nice!!!!taarrararra tararar, i know u guessed it , yes Notting hill! OH the play was called Radhakrishnan before i forget mentioning.

and the most important bit, musharaf is out of power, democracy survives , even if hanging of the cliff , hopefully someone would have the chrisma and vision of Benezir to take that country forward and give long awaited peace to that part of the globe.

Finally Angela seems to be excited about Q1 reforecast even after continuous warnings from the team that we are heading for a loss position, hahahahh i guess its time for a lot of screaming and shouting, the shame is as usual we would be on the hearing side!

Will be back again , till then Laters!!!!



Oh yes doing another play starting next month, this time with a group called Leith theatre, peace!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Reflections and beyond

Everything in this world seems to be falling apart, I and only I can save it from becoming extinct'. Amitav Ghosh

There is an inpiration which this man gives me always, no matter how bleak things might seem , they will work out in the futue. I have started feeling that there are things that are left behind but as soon as i read some of his writings, it inspires me that there would be a time when i can go back and pick the dreams which seem to be way beyond reach, somewhere in the past.

The world is round, so who knows those days might pass by again!


Btw saw 'Tarre zameen par', Aamir khan take a bow(again)!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The day democracy died.

Bhutto as I called her was a figure to reckon with, a symbol of dedication, commitment, passion and development. She was the pride of not just Pakistan but the whole of south Asia. A leader who was a brilliant orator and one of the figures who brought south Asia on the global map as a powerful zone which could not be side lined anymore. Democracy was her cry and she died continuing her pledge of a free and moderate Pakistan.

Benezir’s assassination is a warning to all of us of how deep these extremist roots have become in our countries, be it India or Pakistan we are faced by these handful of people who want to create panic and fear for there own personnel motives; taking religion as a shield they are making humanity suffer.

I saw her as a child and was in owe of this beautiful women who made you believe every word she said, she had the charisma of her father and people followed her in the direction she wanted them to take; so powerful she was that be it Mrs Thatcher, Tony Blair, George Bush or Bill Clinton, everyone wanted to stay connected with Benezir.

Educated in the best schools in the world she was a great modern influence on a country which needed it the most at this time for economic and social development in the new era world.

Benezir said to a BBC journalist in an interview in October:

‘I am not afraid of death, I will go home to make my country a better place to live’
She might not be alive to see her vision of a free and liberal south Asia come true if and when it does, but if we all follow the great leader at least she did not die in vain.

‘Be the change you want to see’ Mahatma Gandhi


Thursday, September 13, 2007



“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction ”— Albert Einstein

Everyone used to say itl happen,
I laughed at them and said its popular fashion.
People have put names and sections,
It’s actually yourself self which is the definition,

The dream world was a fairy tail,
It made me feel as if I am invincibly royale,
Every morning, every evening,
Every night, and again when it was bright.

I used to fly and stay in a different place,
Much further away than this space,
It was heaven, it was passion,
What kept me there was vocation,

Before I realised it’s a vicious circle that’s pulling me in,
It’s something bad, it’s a sin.
People who are close were running away,
Materialistic things I realised was making them stay

That day I promised myself………..
I have to do something which will make all this worth,
It’s the day I walked that path,
To become a man from a lad,

In the moon light I realised,
Everything is so dark, I cried,
I fail to understand, why everything’s bleak,
But that’s when its time you go into a deep sleep.

A time would come when I shall forget everything,
Forgive you for all this you did,
Till then remember there’s someone there,
Whose saying it will ‘all come around one day’.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Times of India

'There are two Indias in this country!

One India is straining at the leash, eager to spring forth and live up to all the adjectives that the world has been showering recently upon us.The other India is the leash.

One India says, give me a chance and I'll prove myself. The other India says,prove yourself and maybe then you'll have a chance.

One India lives in the optimism of our hearts. The other India lurks in the skepticism of your minds.

One India wants. The other India hopes.

One India leads. The other India follows.

But conversions are on the rise. With each passing day more and more people, people for the other India have been coming over to this side.And quietly, while the world is not looking, a pulsating, dynamic new India is emerging.

An India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear in India that no longer boycotts foreign-made goods but buys out the companies that make them instead.History, they say, is a bad motorist. It rarely ever signals its intentions when it is making a turn.This is that rarely-ever moment. History is turning a page!!!!!

For more than half a century, our nation has sprung, stumbled, run. fallen, rolled over, got up, dusted herself and cantered, sometimes lurched on but today, as we begin out 60th year as a free nation, the ride has brought us to the edge of time's great precipice.And one India- a tiny little voice at the back of the head- is looking down at the bottom of the ravine and hesitating.The other India is looking up at the sky and saying, it's time to fly'.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bigger than GOD

Instead of writing posts in 3 min 27 seconds like i have been doing for the past few times i would take a little time to complete this entry.

My past few days speak of just following the news after the bomb plots in London and Glasgow.
The Indian connection which s becoming clearer each day is kind off scary and is a hint about the Al Quida connections which might be present in the biggest democracy in the world.
There have been several Racist incidents lately in this part of the globe , understandably after the general pubic becoming vulnerable about the intensions of coloured skin people here and vary about their actions , having said that today on Hard talk a girl spoke how all communities should work together for the general welfare of Britain , the girl who had lost her sister during 7/7 bombings spoke that the handful of people who are trying to harm the togetherness that exists within communities here can only be deterred from doing so if each one believes in their Britishness over there religion, rather than pointing out the differences talk about the similarities within each person who stays in the Kingdom which has become home for many people who have come from across the globe of various backgrounds but are British in the end.

Though all this good talk sounds great but if Brown's government undermines the rights of Asians it would not go down very well in the Union which now acknowledges the fact and the latest research shows that people from the sub continent origin are the second biggest community in the UK. If these tensions increase it would be bad not just for Great Britain but to the wider world in general creating further tensions in the middle east and also giving reasons for terrorist groups to attack various parts creating further differences and eventually more causalities of innocent people.
The doctors from NHS being involved in terror plots like such could give us a signal of the kind of network that theses organization run and the kind of brain washing they are capable of doing and making a well educated man, who is trained to cure people, kill them.
The fanatics of the people from our part of the world is beyond my understanding , i am in acceptance of religious believes and freedom of following your own supreme but the fact that any god peaches killing other living beings is just mis interpretations by men who want violence for personal interests.
Musalman means 'Mussalle emman', a person who follows Islam with respect and all prophets speak about peace in the religion, Kuran itself speaks about brotherhood and prosperity for all people on the planet.
I hope god gives these people the serenity to understand the real words of the holy book and maybe then we might not worry if Hamas or Fatah rule Gaza and if Salman Rushdie has written something on a few papers, Kuran's strength is far beyond any of their reach and no book or person can even create any damage to its credibility except its own followers. It’s just for the own's understanding. Think about it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mr Prime Minister

The chancellor became the Prime minister today of the kingdom.
Gordan Brown has been at the spotlight of all new labour strategic decisions for over a decade and as promised by Tony Blair in the controversial settlement over dinner(courtesy Mr Trescott) arguibly the most powerfull chancellor ever in British hstory.

Though Iraq war was a blunder and distroyed Blair's legacy(Unlike Mrs Thatcher who was made by Folklands war) Tony undoubtably was a brilliant Orator. The man knew the nerves of the media and even though called them the federal beast in his end days was very comfortable even with the most difficult of questions by the uncapped UK media.

Brown on the other hand looks very serious and does not have the charm and charisma of Tony , control freak as he is known has been trying really hard to change his image in public eye by floating the change coin and rolling in the torreys in his side of politics but till now the policy has failed with noone relly looking keen to join his government.
Also as most British according to BBC polls(68%) think there should be a re election it is debatable if this is the best time for Brown to take the seat which has come after a 13 year wait since 1994 when he gave away his chance to make tony blair the leader of labour(then in opposition).
Though noone would doubt his efforts in the last 13 years to transform labour (now called new labour) and his ideas and intellect which has seen UK grow strenghth by strenght as an economy in the last decade unlike the rough times it had seen previously.The only queation is his ability beyond economics.
The very first address to the public as the Prime Minister today(From 10 downing street) wasalso a little nervous and he looked overwhelmed by the fact that he eventually has got the top job. His words though definately rehersed lacked the power and genuineness which Blair's speech had at his last round of Prime Ministers questions at the house of common's. The standing applause meant that the spotlight was still at the man going out rather than the man coming In.
The new job as the Middle east envoy also stamped the fact that Tony though has given his last salute to British politics will still be national news, a powerful figure on global stage and midst the war 'against terrorism'( ! ).

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ten Minutes for Shekesphere

Ten minutes for Shakespeare#

(Rehearsal Space.Naked Stage.A heap of clothes is seen in the middle of the stage.A slow movement becomes apparent with a light music in the background.An old grey beard man with a lot of wrinkles on the face mutters.)

(Nothing is clear until he realizes people/ audience in front of him. He looks anxiously as if he is identifying somebody there. He yawns (awaken from a long slumber)

.He mutters some lines…nods his head…tries to remember more…repeats.He gets stuck in between…could not complete the line).(Suddenly he realizes that there are clothes.)(He mutters again…)

SHAKESPEARE:King lear,macbeth,hamlet, Othello,Richard ll,merchant of Venice….Shylock.Anagnorosis,hubris,hamartia,Nemesis,Peripety,sense of reality,sense of imagination,crisis, desire, conflict,psychological action, beat, shift in charge…moment of recognition…more…moreReversal…reversal, yeah I need one. My play is not complete.I need to have a conflict, at least a crisis followed by Plot points. I’m incapable to find them . what is happening to me . the trauma of this modern world has taken me over. What theatre are these guys doing. They have stopped doing my originals, if I can call them so.

SHAKESPEARE:(a deep pause…conceding)We all take inspiration …I always admired Christopher Marlowe but my technique was different.Look (raises his finger towards the right stage)Look, this director Roysten Abel , he’s killing me…my literary work.Talk of Drama and people swear on me and this keraliite has thrashed my unsurpassed work to bits and pieces …

(Royeston abel is one of the finest indian theatre director , i have had the privilage to work with him(as an actor) in his production called Brain Child in new delhi last year , He has also made the film "IN OTHELO" which released in the UK as well) MUCH ADO ABOUT NAUTANKI…(a play by royston in 2003)What shit is this Nautanki. They claim it as a folk form of India .OK then do that…why the hell are you lifting names of my plays and twisting them.

(nautanki is a cultural theatre form in india)

(aggressively) how’ll you justify “Othello in black and white” and “Romeo and Juliet in Technicolor”.(other plays in india by roy)What f#@$ing shit …technicolorBetter make a film Roy.(POINTING AT SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE, VERY AGGRESSIVELY)Not only this, this chap has crossed all the limits…this Mansukhani, Vivek Mansukhani.
He staged my work in 90 minutes and sold it as a complete works of Shakespeare abridged.(90 MINUTES OF SHAKESPHERE ABBRIDGED WAS A PLAY BY VIVEK IN 2001 AND WAS A HUGE 'COMMERCIAL' SUCCESS)It took me 40 years to create a reputation for myself and you bloody dare to ruin it in 90 minutes…I’ll file a suit against these buggers, I’ll have copyrights. I would not let it go.(Character transformation)Hamlet’ soliloquyTo be or not to be…………..(Shakespeare’ comment)Jao aur ja ke apni swamini se keh do ki maeri sharab ki vyavastha ho gayi ho to mujhe ghanti maar kar udha diya jaye, phir tum ja kar so sakti hon....

……………………………………………………………..(Shakespeare angry with the translated version)Jaaoo aur jaakar apni swamini se keh do agar hamare sharaab ki vyavastha hon gayi hon toh hummen ghanti maar kar utha diya jaye, phir tum jaakar soo sakti hon....etc etc

(Back to shekesphere(narrator) , asking
Why dont you do my orignals?( Hold the scene)
(asking the audience)

Last four lines of Romeo and Juliet……..(He goes back to his initial position with frustration, anger and aggression)


Kuljeet Singh

Monday, May 21, 2007

Virginia everyday

Virginia tech was a barbaric case of killing by a man who had some psychic disorders, it was terrible to see young students being killed by someone who was mentally unstable and horrifically dangerous , but the question that poses to educational institutions today is can such incidents be foreseen and barriers put to stop them?

Educational institutions run in a complex environment and handle complex beings , most organisations have these crisis embedded in them due to the culture of the institution. Lagadec said that ‘nothing will grow spontaneously on the terrain of disaster. The aptitude to react in times of crises is closely linked to the work that has been done before the upset. This goes for all parties involved’. The culture of the organisations in terms of their attitude towards training, developing contingency plans, beliefs in diagnostic systems etc can be fundamental in creating an environment in which crises emerge. If there is proper training then the actions taken during the crises can be very different from the ones taken by someone who is untrained and this can be critical in the crises turning into a disaster.

The idea is that those in management who devise rules and restrictions to prevent a crises, may help to create that very event through their systems of beliefs. The condition remains a key source of denial and ensures that controls will be inadequate. Also argued is that organisations show a tendency to deny the warning of crisis potential when these come from outside of the organisation. In addition, organisations also tend to deny warnings presented by those deemed not to have legitimate expertise in the area.

If this is to be believed then incidents like Virginia tech, London bombing, September 11th and many more could have been stopped if the stakeholders involved would have acted on a faster note prior to the accident and taken the hints given to them more seriously.
The biggest problem most of us face in such issues is one of disbelief, Turner had argued that most of us don’t want to believe that major causalities like such can happen and managers who have to plan do not make contingency plans or put barrier points as it challenges the fundamental approach of positive management, making the organisation vulnerable and generating pathways for such accidents to occur.

Another academic Reason’s work builds upon the notion of incubation of crisis within organisations and grounds it within the psychological literature on human error. Reason makes the distinction between active and latent error within systems failure, with the latter proving to be much harder to identify and manage. He used a medical metaphor, and argues that latent error potential sits within an organisation or system like “resident pathogens”.
These pathogens remain largely undetected until a series of trigger events expose the latent error pathways and allow incidents to escalate into catastrophic accidents. Reason makes the argument that these latent errors both create the workplace conditions in which active errors and violations occur and also embed pathways through organisational defences. It is these pathways which allow for the rapid escalation of incidents into accidents and which beguile attempts at mitigation.

In Virgnia Tech, killer of those innocent people Cho Seung-hui had given enough signs and most people in the lectures with him had made earlier complaints about his actions; in fact a local newspaper reported a case of no one attending his presentations as the content used to be very disturbing, no authority took notice of that story. In Glasgow university itself a few of us went to the accommodation office to show our concerns about someone we thought of having problems mentally but we were asked to give it in writing and action could not be taken till the accident happens, this shows the very slip in our systems as we wait for the causalities to happen before taking any actions and hints are not taken seriously, generating a controllable situation into a disaster story.

These factors vindicate the academics view that culture of the organisation is such that these signals/warnings are neglected and no (or not enough) measures are taken to stop such casualties, reflecting the fact that there are no trained personals to counter such an attack making the organisation vulnerable to such an event. These factors lead to pathways of vulnerability in the system as the target becomes exposed to the attacker due to bare defences.

It is high time and enough cases now that these institutions realise the importance of understanding the real problem and creating systems so that such accidents can be stopped and human life is not put in danger, as they say ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


la la la la la la la ...hmm hmm la la la

Chupke se aayeeeeeeeeennnnn,

yaad teri yahan nnnn.....

sirf mein janun tu hai kahan kahannnnn..........

Chupke se aayeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn,

yaaaad teri yahan nnnn.....

sirf mein janun tu hai kahan kahannnnn

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Hawa tum ...nasha tum....meri rahtoh ka patta tummmm......

mere aaiebo ko joh dhakk de ...woh pak si fida tum.......

hur khyab ki silla tum.......har raat ki dua tum...................mere aaeeiibboon ko jo dhak de woh pak si Hawa tummmmmm..................

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lub you

Deep in my mind, theres a cry........
you are mine, and we are destined to survive.........

you may be my lullaby or my corn,
but if you are gone...........
i might cry ,
i might die................

In my heart youv grilled your name,
uv made a place inside and build a frame...........
a shape which only you can fit ,
a space which looks for your breath.............

I want you to know,
u mean a lot for me hon.............
without you id die a thousand times,
with you each day gets a zillon smiles..............

u are my heart ,you are my soul,
you are everything that i hold...........
my heart beats a million times,
when it hears your name being cried.............

When god wants to put his hand,
on us would fall flowers,blessings from the man.....
you and i will live together,
be with each other,for ever........

This is a blog

Yes, this is a blog.

and it'l be alive again from today, as my exams and assignments are over, yippieeeeeeeee

So now all the bag packing trips, gazal sessions, cigs till 4 am in groups outside and theatre and writings this semister is on its way again, yahooooooooooooo

wait for the blog on last months debacles and sonia and guria's marriage...........

LOve you noblogspotavailable,.....


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Firang speak

Delhi Is BURNINGGGGGGGGGGGG(43degree C)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global warming , we all shall DIE soon !!!!!!!

No sex, We are INDIANS!

No Sex Education , We are INDIANS

In the land of the kamasutra , the birth place of 1/6th of the population of the globe, the chunk of land where a child gets born faster than the speed the voice and the country which has the highest growing percentage in AIDS for the last couple of years

No Sex education in school because its not in our "culture"

Can you believe it, the 1.2 billion population state says sex is not in thier culture, even more ammusing was the comments of a MP from south delhi endorsing these views , i guess he forgot that Delhi his constituency is considered the Rape capital or maybe that is a part of this male dominated culture?

The argument from a ' scholor' from kerala(On Indian history) that if children are given sex education they will not take up other subjects is ammusing on its own, i really doubt the scholor ever went to school himself and realises the fact that education is about awareness and ranges much wider than the narrow mind of his; which is still stuck in a past which was a few hundred years old. I definately agree on keeping the culture and traditions but holding them in ignorance is what i am against !

Anyhow provocative and pornographic education have a thin line, so does proactive...we have to find the balance somewhere in the middle........

Monday, March 12, 2007

From 1947 till date.........

Extension to India Extended.......

From 1947 till date.....

To be or Not to be, that is the question(William shakesphere)

Azad Kashmir Or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Is that the ? Or is peace the ?
Is Kashmir the ? or Kashmiri's the ?
Is Islamabad or Delhi the ? or its Avaam the ?
Is Pakistan and India the ? or pranay(and 1.2 billion more) and Danyaal(and 160 million more ) the ?
I am an Indian and a proud one too?(Is that a question)

Never got the real issue for the last decade(thats when i think i started understanding issues like such). I read D's blog today and it made me nostalgic, it made me ask myself , am i biased towards calling the part of the world i call as POK by the name i do, is it not fair enough for the public to decide whom do they want to be ruled by? Am i in a state of patriotic blindness and ignorant of the fact that the right i keep fighting for each day, called the right to freedom also stands for those mujahiddins who are fighting in once called the 'Paradise of the world'.

60 years back a man fought against the law of the state, today we call him the father of the nation, will a few years hence even people who are currently called 'jihadis', militants and terrorists groups like Harakat ul mujahiddin be the ‘Bapu’ of the free Kashmir if and when it happens.

No, because Peace is what was the backbone of the Mahatma’s teaching. Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu as we call him fought a battle with armed soldiers with naked hands. Non Violence was the cry, and that is what I have against all these groups; Maybe after listening to the other side I can understand the point of view they have (and trust me I respect it as well), but violence can never be an answer to anything, it would just make a fight for Freedom(Though that’s Debatable) look like a terrorist strike.

Pranay says ‘There is no substitute for peace’.

Jai Hind

Please note - 'Bapu' is a Hindi word meaning Father. Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was called by this name by all his followers and still is by the whole nation.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The washing of the throne

The washing of the Throne

United Kingdom of today is so different from what was considered as typical British in recent years, the whole connotation of the word itself has gone for an alteration. Its also kind of amusing(though in a very sarcastic way) to see the once Kings, living like lambs in this new and dynamic world of today, which is seeing countries like India and China emerging as the new super powers.

A few friends of mine dismiss these views of mine and this blog is for them who say ‘They still have a lot of muscle left in them’.

Its been a great experience staying and travelling in the UK, in which I have made some great friends who are from this part of the world. They are great people who drink a lot(everyone knows whom im talking about, smoke even more, eat quite a bit but talk less. English specially are known for a stiff upper lip and are very formal people unlike the Scottish and Irish who are friendlier and the Welsh are completely different from all the other three. These differences in culture and not to mention the language and accents make you feel that it is four different countries rather than one; the English do not like the Scottish and Irish(Cant stand them that is) and vice a versa , the Welsh don’t like anyone except the Irish just a "Wee bit" as a close Irish friend had put it. This is just an example of the lack of unity this country has and how these people hate each other even though staying in the same house(read country).

The children do not want to get educated and most of them leave house in their adolescence. They eat the government funds and have drugs by that money. The government gives you a house if you have a child so teen pregnancy is a common phenomenon, if you don’t have one or also if you want a new one. A Scottish friend told me in her village hardly anyone works or is educated and everyone survives on national funds. It’s appalling to even imagine a country like that and it makes me wonder how much time would these funds last for?

There is a drinking debauchery everyday and drunk men and women can be found making out on the streets with anyone and everyone, these people who generally are criminals stab each other for money in this aggressive condition which alcohol gets them into perpetually.

One of the most multicultural state in the world still has the most racist comments passed on its minorities, the big brother controversy is the latest example of such cases and people like me who stay here will tell you it’s a reality faced by every coloured skin staying in this part of the world. Having said that according to surveys these coloured skin people who have stayed here all their life are the backbone of making London(about 32% in the business are Asian origin, now British) as the financial capital of the world, one of the only two reasons(other being tourism) of the money still coming to the vast empire, but if this discrimination continues along with India and China growing, I wonder how many of them would still want to stay back.

Tourism the other money making machine for UK is also dying a slow death. Once upon a time people used to travel to this country to see the people who rule the whole world, with changing times I personally believe even the tastes have changed reflecting on the few figures I was reading in newspapers with the curve for tourist's coming to UK showing a downhill trend.

Tony Blair, the prime minister who could do no wrong and got the pulse of the nation when the Princess died. The country who loved him more than the palace at that time, showed an act of coward ness when he sent troupes to fight in Iraq even though the whole country was against the idea. America says we should do it, so it has to be right is the impression and expression I got from such a proceed. It just shows the weakness of the first minister of Great Britain.

Yes, they still have muscle , but how long will it last for now is a question, and I personally dare to say if things don’t change drastically, ‘Not for long’.

Friday, February 23, 2007

When the sun rises

The innocent sins as someone said once, cant believe only people are allowed to do that! Am i not Human!
Where do i always go wrong?

Whenever i think i am falling for someone , something somewhere has to give, i feel the pain ofthe ignorance of people, thier lack of trust on someone they love. I am confused i agree , but i am not as bad as you think i am, cant believe it happened again!

When the sun would rise,
you would realise,
what i said was true.........
what i said was true.........

Couldn't believe that you would trust someone,
more than to the one you loved,
it makes my heart cry,
and ask the question ,Why?

One day when you realise ,
you would also cry,
i hope i am there then,
and console you with wiping your tears
because it means a lot to me,
that you always stay happy,

What i said was true ,
what i said was true....

i swear i am falling in love with you!

feb 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some ? , still in search for an answer,


‘I cry everyday when I see innocent people die for nothing , we have made the situation worse than what it would have been if our troops wouldn’t have gone there’ A statement by an old English man who lost his son in the war(Panorama BBC).

In the same documentry it was told that about 50 families have not even been told what happened to their children, ‘He was a soldier for 3 years , a son for 21. He was fighting for his country , where is the support?’ and when a BBC reporter asked this to Adam Ingrim he said it is not the army’s job but the governments, starting a blame game with no one ready to take accountability for a decision which I believe ruined a few thousand lives. ‘IRAQ WAR’ an issue very close to my heart and which has made me cry a few times though I have no one fighting in the war, no friends in there and have never visited the country(though would love to) .

It was shouted out as a war against injustice by the great president of America, who believed In killing a few millions and completely destroying terrorism from its roots . Can’t believe countries like Britain bought that idea. It makes me laugh at how gullible these people( And so many more) are who were once known as the most powerful people of the world, a nation which ruled half the world and who have an amazing quality known as 'leadership'.

Actually thinking about it what did we Indian’s do? Nothing. We as a government did not even have a global say to do anything but the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not even publicly criticize the war. As long as it doesn’t effect us don’t speak is what we thought, where did that value system go, those teachings of fighting for your right dissapeared which the BJP government always chanted about? I always used to think Mr Vajpayee was a great articulator , a great leader and one of our best prime minister till then, it made me show how even a man like him is first a politician then a protester/campaigner against injustice . No one wanted to say anything to the most powerful country openly ,after all that’s where the money comes from they thought . Who cares if a few of them die, we will send the toothless bulldogs (United nations) by the end of it.

Talking to an American friend (actually a few) I realised how even they were against the war , it made me get into deep thoughts of why did Iraq happen then? Why could no one of us say/do anything to stop it? Why did the UN not say anything (Kofi Annan I had expected would)? Who benefited from it? If it is about world terrorism then Bush why just Iraq and afganistan ? why not Kashmir, Ireland , Pakistan, Srilanka(LTTE) , Palestine , lebenon etc etc……….. So many questions, searching for an answer . Do you have any ?????????????????????

.*Sorry people just saw panorama on BBC so got in that zone again, Btw Huma you made it worst love…………

Saturday, February 17, 2007



So, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang nor with a whimper but with a cleavage!This blog is either part of the problem or a thought on its solution. I comment; you decide.

The late Murray Kempton once described editorial writers as "the people who come down from the hill after the battle to shoot the wounded." Nowadays, media analysts are the people who follow behind them, going through the pockets of the dead looking for loose change.

So, yes, this blog is about Anna Nicole Smith and yes I am a media critique! (thats what my friends have started calling me now:))
Friday morning, less than 24 hours after she died in a Florida hotel room, the Drudge Report — America’s most famous media culture's digital arbiter of all things tacky and prurient — had 12 items posted on the onetime topless dancer. That would account for some of the media frenzy surrounding her death. It's a little-known fact, but certain sectors of the broadcast media have long believed that if a dozen items on Anna Nicole Smith ever were posted on Drudge simultaneously, it would herald the onset of the apocalypse. Of course, one of the cheapest journalistic tricks going is to get a piece of mindless, tawdry media frenzy by denouncing it. The writer gets to wallow profitably in whatever gutter has, everybody's attention while still being wry and high-minded.
The readers get to join the fun without losing their self-respect. It's a win-win sort of arrangement for a certain knowing-wink-and-sly-nod wing of the media culture.And yet, when a story takes on the sheer scope and intensity of the Anna Nicole Smith frenzy there's something wilful in the unexamined impulse to look away.
Plain curiosity is an essential ingredient of the journalistic enterprise, and those who deny its operation in the interest of some higher value usually are not entirely to be trusted.In the case of the unfortunate Smith, there was something almost touchingly retro about her wretched train wreck of a life. She wasn't, in fact, celebrated just for being a celebrity, as is the current mode. She'd earned her notoriety the old-fashioned way: She took her clothes off for it, then married rich — though like so much else in her ambit, that apparently didn't turn out very well.

Americans have a hard time abiding a tale of struggle without reward, or a story without a happy ending, which is why they so often confer a disproportionate posthumous attention on the plucky but dubious dead. Depending on how you look at it, it's a reflection of either their collective good-heartedness or common sappiness. Maybe the ultimate guarantor of the former is the unwillingness to worry too much about the latter.Those slightly melancholic reflections aside, the broad media response to Smith's end bears some separate consideration. Clearly, public interest in her death was intense. Several celebrity-oriented websites crashed because so many people attempted to read about her.

Mainstream news organizations, had page after page of reader comments about her posted to their online sites. Thursday night (The day she died), the cable news and entertainment channels were, as we've come to expect, wall-to-wall Anna Nicole Smith.What was different here was the way in which she made the leap from tabloid covers to the front pages of ostensibly serious newspapers.The mainstream journalistic coverage of Smith's death is among the first such stories driven, in large part, by an editorial perception of public interest derived mainly from Internet traffic. Throughout the afternoon on Thursday the 8th, editors across the world watched the number of "hits" recorded for online items about Smith's death. These days, it's the rare newspaper whose meeting to discuss the content of the next day's edition doesn't include a recitation of the most popular stories on the paper's website.

It's a safe bet that those numbers helped shove Anna Nicole Smith onto a lot of front pages(Cant believe she made the front page of Times of India).What makes this of more than passing interest is that serious journalism is in the process of transforming itself into a new, hybrid news medium that combines traditional print and broadcast with a more purposefully articulated online presence. One of the latter's most seductive attributes is its ability to gauge readers' appetites for a particular story on a minute-to-minute basis. What you get is something like the familiar television ratings — though constantly updated, if you choose to treat them that way.There's no point belabouring what the ratings preoccupation has done to broadcast news, particularly the once-promising 24-hour cable news channels. TV today has their prime-time slots all are dominated by clones of Fox's Bill O'Reilly because his show draws the medium's biggest nightly audience, Channel 4’s Big brother which is always looking for controversies. Life is short, so let's not talk about CNN Headline's Nancy Grace or Glenn Beck.

The point is that the transformation of cable television news into a snarling verbal food fight with a scant informational component happened because the people running it decided to let the numbers run them.Television ratings or aggregated "hits" on newspaper websites constitute useful marketing information. When they're transmuted into editorial tools, what you get is a kind of faux-empiricism that can create a false but nearly irresistible authority. It's that most misleading of commodities, information without context. It is data, but not necessarily information, that you can use because you understand the data. In the case of these accumulations of online hits, it is hard to know what you're measuring beyond a 24-hour fad or the inclinations of obsessive people with too much time on their hands.Standing on the cusp of this inevitable transformation, it's a good moment for newspapers to take a reflective breath to consider just how they want to play this numbers game — or, more important, whether they want to play it at all.

If that were to occur, then Anna Nicole Smith would not have died in vain.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Monologue with THYSELF

Janne bhi don yarron..

Evertime I watch that film I get reminded of Imago Somehow,
The crazy love for acting, laughs, stage, passion, insanity,, ......Imago.....,,, we thought we would be like Barry, never do an MBA, make PVR into a theatre performance area, make peace with Pakistan, Direct aamir and shabana aazmi someday, make cinema like hazaroon khwahish, Change the gross content in news media someday, hang Manu Sharma and vikas yadav, ban saas bahu serials and ofcource change the world.
I see myself such a changed person after all these years (just been 3 actually), not that the fire has died but the ideas have changed, it’s the same person trying to do the same thing but differently. I see life much more in grey now rather than those black and white patches as a 21 year old, understand why people do things that I think are ‘Unethical’. Have become mature (even though mom doesn’t think the same). Have been having great chats with Benoj about life and I realise how when we all grow up we become more patient and understanding. When working with NDTV I started realizing the pressures media people can go through, how it is not about news but money by the end of it, have we lost the point somewhere in that journey is what I always asked myself? No, it’s a journey which was meant to be from that path, it’s a maturing country which is in the phase of adolescence, and it is bound to go wrong somewhere on the way I answered to an ignorant self.

Now talking about cinema I think its matured with time, I felt proud seeing films like parzania and black Friday (im glad I have met anurag kashyap personally), I spoke about it fondly with theatre friends in Glasgow and felt that there still are people back home who haven’t fell in the trap of 'just' making money, getting settled and married. They want to make good cinema, explore creativity, light the stage on fire, and give people goose bumps through visual magic. Parzania, nothing can be said about Naseer; I have always believed he is an actor with amazing versatility and spontaneity. Sarika is brilliant as ever, Rahul dholakia take a bow.
Final solutions is another film on the same issue I had loved , I was one of the fortunate ones to be in the interactive screening of the film by Rakesh Sharma in Imago for the theatre students and his believe in the cause made me look up to the man.
Films like hazaroon khwahishein Aesin(my favourite) on naksalvadi's in Bihar (Sudhir Mishra cinema)have given parallel cinema a new dimension and along with Nagesh kukunoor, Rakesh OmPrakash Mehra , Mira Nair, Satyajit Ray , Shonali Bose(Amu), Shyam Benegal and many more there is a hope that our cinema has come to a maturity stage.
As far theatre is concerned, it’s a known fact that it’s dying a slow death in our part of the world. In Delhi, theatre is a storm in a tea cup. The same old faces (includes me) who keep repeating performances and plays. Theatre vallas are the only people who come to watch the form of art when they are not performing and that small group of people keeps rotating amongst each other. Directors like Royston Abel, Barry John, Feisal Alkazi , Sohaila Kapur, Mahesh dattani, Lushin Dubey, Lillette(I hate her plays) dubey, Bubbles subherwal , Arvind Gaur , AAmir Raza Hussain and Nasseer are the only names that I have been seeing consistently perform since a child and I guess much before. The sad part is that no new Directors have come up (Exceptions like Abhilash Pillai who made Mid Summer Nights Dream in Hindi for NSD which I thought was brilliant) in the last many years because of reasons I have seen personally that theatre by the end of it is becoming unviable, you do it only for the LOVE of it and half the people go to Bombay and start acting in Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and kasauti zindagi ki when they have had enough. I hope it gets better in the future and more people try make this real form of expression come alive before it dies a painful(for us theatrevallas) Death.

Print News has been transforming from talking about issues to gossips, to the exception of Indian express and Hindu most newspapers talk more about page 3 than sexual abuse nowadays.
It’s a sign of our societies growing interests in the materialistic world than real which sometimes is scary.

Politics in India is more like seeing a circus or a Striptease and pay for the cheap thrills of some other's who are generally either criminals or under world dons. Life is short so I wouldn’t mention the bureaucrats and corruption involved in the whole game which is quite frustrating by the end of it.

So what do you think we should do?

Most of you would believe that the point I am making is that its all dark with the future even more bleak , No, not in the least .Im just trying to show myself a mirror and to light that fire again rather than saying


Pranay SAYSSSS..............

Pranay SAYS


Only thing is I need to get 'MARRIED' first

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've learned

I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.

And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die...


I like you because of who you are to me, A true


"A good friend will come bail you out of jail....

But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying

WE screwed up, but we had fun!"

Proud to be your Friend!

Romantic Relationship's have taught me a lot in life,

I've learned...that life is like a roll of toilet paper.
The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

I've learned...that we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.

I've learned...that money doesn't buy class.

I've learned..that it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.

I've learned...that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved. !

I've learned...that the Lord didn't do it all in one day.
What makes me think I can?

I've learned...that to ignore the facts does not change the facts.

I've learned...that the less time I have to work, the more things I get done.

I've learned....that its better to let it go than to drag it more,

I've learned... that nobody in this world is worth your tears, and people who are will never make you cry.

I've learned... Thyself, my strenghts and my weaknesses.

I've learned... that rather than saying she was not worth it, say it was not meant to be.

I've learned... that time is the biggest healer .

I've learned... you can fall in love more than once .

I've learned

Im not angry that it ended ,im just glad that it happened.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

'Reality Bites' in guardian 6th feb issue

The big brother racial discrimination controversy has snowballed into an uproar, touching a very raw nerve in multicultural UK. Jade Goody’s eviction by a massive 82% votes shows that her public image has received a massive thrashing, and even though she has been trying to retrieve her public image by interviews and her latest will to visit India it would take some time before the people hurt by her comments would forgive her for the act.
But is the problem Jade or is the issue bigger than just her?
From New York to England, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Wales, India, South Africa and Scotland, racism is a reality which we live in and each one of us faces it in some form or the other , just that the protagonist’s keep changing with changing regions. Celebrity big brother has shown us a mirror to what we very proudly and sometimes arrogantly call as a ‘civilized society’.
New York, we are told, is the melting pot of the world and America, the land of opportunity.
Many Americans would like to believe they are a nation that has built its superpower status by throwing its borders and arms open to the immigrants of the world. But is it the case?

In November, Michael Richards, the man who could do no wrong as Kramer in the Emmy award winning Seinfeld, shocked his fans by bursting into a lengthy, racist rant after being heckled by a black audience member during a stand-up comedy performance in LA.

The verbal attack continued for about three minutes. "Throw him out. He's a nigger. He is a Nigger. Look, there's a nigger," he said.

Richards later apologised, but the damage was done.

In Great Britain the word 'Welsh'(meaning the natives of the country of Wales)is Anglo saxon in origin, It's meaning is 'foreigner', So to this day long after the anglo saxons invaded these small islands which belonged to the Celtic tribes, the natives inhabitants are still called 'foreigners' in a dead language in there ancestral homeland. This is very interesting to see where Britsh racism began ,and how this mentality about racial differences manifested itself later in Ireland Scotland and then the vast empire.

As far as India is concerned, it is fighting a battle with herself to move beyond an ugly past. The temples have caste barriers, homes have separate glasses for the men and women who mop our floors and clean our bathrooms, all men who grow beards and wear skull caps may be terrorists, treat the North-east like a separate country comprising people who affectionately call 'chinkis', and when it comes to finding brides for the sons, it is insisted that fair is lovely. Outside India, put all brown folk into one room, and they will even set aside their differences to whisper in snide bewilderment about the ringlet-haired black people whom many of us still call Negroes.
The fact that we have stopped respecting each other is evident throughout the world, Some where on the surface and at some places below the carpet but its existence cannot be ignored.

Now, to the television show itself. Industry insiders will concede (if you catch them drunk) that there is nothing quite as contrived as reality TV. Essentially it's all about human conflict so masterfully manipulated that it looks spontaneous, instead of staged. But think about it — what is natural about locking up a disparate bunch of men and women (usually, has-been starlets or wannabe stars) in an enclosed space and allowing them no contact with the outside world?

It's a show designed for dysfunctional dynamics. And as we all have a sneaking suspicion, even the participants are acutely aware of the need to perform. After all, the longer they get to stay on in the 'house', the more money they make. We, the television viewers, are the masters of their fate, and they can never forget that they are always on stage. It's almost like a striptease artist on display for a voyeur she can't see, but one who not just watches her all the time, but pays her bills as well.
And here's the fascinating bit — when one of the abuses was blipped out on television, everyone thought Shilpa had been called a 'Paki'; actually she had been called a c***. But once that was revealed, no one made too much fuss about it. Why? If this is about ideology, is racism that much worse than sexism? Is being called a 'dog' (which she was) somehow more acceptable than being called an 'Indian'? Whether we like it or not, this is the sort of grossness that apparently makes reality TV both repulsive and rivetting; but it's a baseness innate to the very idea of the show.
Musicians like Birmingham-born Apache Indian (otherwise known as Steven Kapoor) warn against the trivialisation of the racism debate. He writes about leaving England for India since he could not feel at home there. He talks about how "stani" is the latest slur in town, reserved for immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and 'Hindustan'. Nobody paid him extra money for his pains

Racism is serious business. Cheap television is simply good business.
Let's not forget that distinction.

And instead of playing Peeping Toms on some banal television show, let's turn an eye inward . Then, we may find a real reason to be angry

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Black or White- or is it Grey?

'Middle-class Indians love the judiciary. We look upon the sage men in black as new-age incarnations of Walter Raleigh, spreading their robes across puddles of corruption and sleaze and enabling a genteel jump across the muck and the slime.

If someone were to draw up a list of institutions that we still believe in, I suspect only two would qualify — the Indian Army and the judiciary. If soldiers protect the nation’s physical well being, the courts are the gatekeepers of its conscience.' Barkha dutt

Small wonder then that we blindly support every attempt by the judiciary to insulate itself from external control. This is because we believe in the independence of the judiciary.

But should this independence mean freedom from accountability?

It may be a worn-out cliché, but after all these years, it's a question still in search of an answer: who will judge the judges?

Barkha firstly i dont think the Indian Army and the judiciary system are the only 2 institutions we look upto, i personally have lost faith in our Judiciary. Cases like Jessica and Priyadarshini get justice because of a public outcry and media coverage but what about those thousands of cases which go unheard of, cases which come in the news as a flash and then loose sight before even being discussed.I remember a spanish women was raped at Srifort during the Osian film festival a few years back, the police kept giving assurances but nothing happened and so many more cases where our police and then the judicial system have left citizens heads drop in shame.The decisions on Manu sharma and Santosh singh are welcome, but i doubt how much time would this last for,

And on who guards the judicial system? How objective can the judiciary be about itself? Should there not be some external, independent, representation on the council?

It is no one’s case that ministers or MPs must be on the council —

You and I may not believe that a minister, or even a nominee of the President, is above suspicion. But surely, an ombudsman or an elder statesman, or even a group of eminent citizens should be able to find place on such a judicial council? Britain just set an example by appointing a former naval officer as its ombudsman on judicial appointments. Why should any Indian judge resist a similar move here?

But, in a country where the Chief Justice of India is on record saying that at least 20 per cent of all judges are corrupt, there has hardly been any public debate around the provisions of the Bill. The judiciary’s most autocratic weapon — contempt of court — keeps even the normally bulldog-like media meek as lambs. The result: very few cases of judicial corruption ever become public. Most remain hushed whispers in the corridors of power — to be used as useful information to strike an even more useful bargain.

And finally, judges are as human as you and me. In a state where its become the survival of the strongest and justice has been crippled by those who have the power and money hence dictate terms, there maybe its only the common man who can rescue the country.

We need another fight for FREEDOM, non voilent as the Mahatma said but Independence is what we want, from this currupt, polluted , distastefull and unjust SYSTEM........

'I believe that history is never static, and that time and context can alter both meaning and symbolism' Mohan das karamchand Gandhi



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Smell my UNDIES£$")

'RAP_D went for celidh together,
it was hogmanay,
had a feeling it would be special,
Faizan you missed it Re'

'Mein pagal nahi hoon, utrye aur koi aur Taxi le lon tum' thats how it started, Atty's words of wisdom could have meant the trip could have ended before it started but destiny had other things in mind,,,...

The journey to Edinburgh was usual with the never ending calls by Rishab , Athar trying to hit on Dorty and Rajat and Vivian*( censored), i was observing all this meanwhile if you are wondering what was i doin..........

Edinburgh was windy, stormy, rainy ohk all three together with about a hundred exclamation marks, taxi to the international student guest house costed 9£ and he very conveniently told us that he took a longer route because the other side was blocked, i could have reached Bombay( by Air Deccan atleast) for that kind of money.,
After a half an hour of flying here and there we somehow found the exact house at bukloo or bucckloo street whatever it was…….we entered thinking of beer,cigs and girls partying inside with half of Glasgow university there ,trying to make the best use of Calum’s amazing hospitality…….
To our amusement there was D lying on a sofa , a girl reading the newspaper, Calum perpetually smiling and his friend wondering what next to do?....D tried convincing them to leave early so that we could have a pre booze session but Calum being Scottish was adamant not to give us the keys, after a few minutes of conversations and a few lies of using the loo and resting for a bit, D decided to tell them his real idea , Calum smiled and took a glass himself…….Cheers

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman Rap_D present HOP MANY 2007.

A few beers down already D had planned in his mind to get sloshed that night (I think from glasgow itself), R and P had a mission in hand to hug and kiss ( make out :u wish ) with as many girls as we could, Atty was the only one who had come there looking for nothing but a great time come 007, Dorty I think had something in mind which I could never figure out, only her very frequent messaging told me that she had an active sex life which she had left for us, to come and celebrate new years in edinburg but for her misfortune didn’t turn out to be as good as her last night in bed,

We walked a mile to princess street,
To see a few policeman shouting,
Hogmanay has been cancelled due to rain,
Go back home in a taxi(another 10£ aarrghh)

That’s when we decided on Hop many and doing a pub crawl, hoping to visit a lot of pubs, a lot of beer and get lucky hopefully…….
Rishab khanna had till then started looking at all the girls he saw with his goal clear in mind , action sorted ,plan in place, with only Execution to be done(so did I actually), D was already too high to think and A was wondering if we could sit in one pub for over 8 minutes……..

From pub to pub,
We kept crawling,
Till we found a place which was ray,
A French guy with D dancing,
And we took his girls in our tray…..

That was the moment, I have never seen anyone dance with so much Joy, he was loving the challenge(that’s D for you) and trust me would have given goose bumps to most dancers who saw him that day, Rishab me and Athar where busy chatting with girls around and Dorty still messaging ,
We celebrated midnight in the same club as well and it was one Moment, they played their ritual Celidh song and we guys went bizzerk when the clock hit 12……
With a few more dances by D (with other people now) we thought of going to a new club now, Rishab had started his kissing and hugging till then, and if someone had filmed it, we could have sold it as a soft porn,
Attar on the other hand was laughing his guts out at the weirdness of D and sometimes me and Rishab.

Dorty thought enough messaging,
Lets go back home re,
D thought we should go drop her,
And she misses the morning bus ,we all prayed….

Me and rishab went with Dorty for the longest walk of my life , in between hugging anyone whe met and distributing cigarettes for Barter..:D,….after about 2 hours of all this we went around looking for a club where we met, Rajat and Vivian dancing Cozy and called D who had Given Attar an experience of his life, where he had learned never walk ALONE with a drunk friend …….The most amusing was that he left him on a bench and came to us, and after about 15 mins of conversation ,with a very straight face said ‘I left him on the bench!!!!' ,,,hhahahhaha it was hilarious, and i could only imagine Amitabh batchchan of Sharabi that time- man ,on the road ,dancing- drunk….

We went back searching for D, and………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………he is sitting with a women telling him stories about Assam, Rishab and Attar had given up on him and so had I ,so we decided to move ahead and grab a few more hugs before the night finishes…

We ate fish and chips,
It was 4 in the morning there,
Walked to the bus stand ,
To find it closed he he he

Rishab wanted to pee and found paying 1£ too expensive for it, D’s idea of using the car as a shield didn’t work as it left half way…..Im sure it did not embarrass him, not at that night at Edinburg………

We made D sleep in an ATM, yes we DID that, and after chatting we went and had coffee at the bus station which had opened till then….

To put Icing on the cake Dorty came to the station and we were seen hiding faces and when caught, she asked us--

Dorty: is the bus coming?

Attar:no(looking at rishab)

Dorty:but your friend had tickets?

Pranay:uhhh.....ya but he is not picking his phone

Dorty:is there coffee here?

Rishab:poisin it!!!!(to pranay)

But it worked out,
And we all got in the bus safe,
We sang all the way through,
To most people’s disgust as I say………….

We lived a dream together, woke up walking strength to strength, came back with memories….it was one ‘HELL OF A NIGHT’……..

ps-Thanks guys for a really special hop many and for friendship (read brotherhood) for all times to come,……………………….


for more read

Monday, January 08, 2007

Madness is Love

Madness is Love

instead of studying for my exam which is about 3 hours from now i have been thinking of plays and theatre all night(its 4 in the morning now)...and to top it all i think of blogging......a close friend had once told me

There is always some Madness in love,
but there is also some reason in that Madness....

in the search of myself i have been going through some astounding findings, at first i thought i love theatre then i thought na its the love for Art then came culture now ,,,......

i think its creativity

i love something which is my own, something which has been created by me, something which i can call Original,

I love dreams and fantacy as long as you follow them, its just one life and so much to do, so much to see and achieve …….hahhahh if you go by slayer
‘In the depths of mind insane, fantacy and reality are all the same’
its hard to see it in the ‘Real’ world context with everyone doing the push and pulls of the modern world for surviving,,,

I don’t know if dreams come true
Don’t know if I would get through
When I would see light,
I would miss the night

Its been a long walk,
With more miles to be hopped
As long as I believe in myself,
I am sure the road would end

Dreams are meant to be chased
So that we can help create
A new definition of height
To make the world more bright

Love can make you go nuts,
It can make your brain map bust
But what is life without Love?


Psychopath, Psychopath
Psychopath Psychopath
Psychopath Psychopath

Going for caffiene and some Nicotiene,

Monday, December 25, 2006


25th dec 2006


Mandi house
India habitat centre ,
National school of drama,
gk 1 & 2,
delhi university,
modern school,
Friends for music,
Sri ram centre,
panchsheel enclave,
holiday club,
faculty of arts,
noida(sector 15a),
pvr saket,
pragati maidan,
sahitya kala academy,
kamani audi,
cricket in triangular park,
cafe coffee day(masjid mor)


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mediocre but Arrogant--

£$"$t&**)>>>>>>..... Mediocre but Arrogant >>>>>>>"$££%^*))_))*(^$"!......

12 sept 2006
I do not know why i landed in this mess of getting into the corporate jungle when i am not carved for a 9-5 job even if the sector is media. Management is an art of making fool of others or getting them to do your work as most books would say.i dont want to do it and its not my cup of tea. when i was getting into it i thought how will a creatively inclined soul like me get into managing people and making notes.........even th thought made me nostalgic, but issues regarding career and my new found love for journalism and managing media houses like pranoy and rajdeep made me believe that MBA and then specialization in media management would make me achieve my goal in life. So 12th sept 2006 was the day, 2 years i thought , let it be pranay , you know what you can do and two years would just fly and by the end of it will make you land in fox,bbc or sky at management level.

In 3 months -
M-B-A is not just about a business school, its about the process of growing up into an adult.

Even this semister , i felt an adult coming through my body , an individual with more focus and determination to succeed. I have always had the arrogance(most people would agree) that i am the best and know it all, i thought it was because have worked with the best in the art form i love and was appreciated at a very early age , but now i feel it was because i was Immature.
M-B-A i now think is a good decision , its a degree which gives you an overview of everything, it dosent make you land up in any specific direction but opens up a lot of options....also i feel i can think more creatively now, as earlier i just thought like an artist, now i think like a manager who is an artist, i have the knowladge(need so much more) to work creatively on various issues .
its also an addition which would look wonderful on my resume, Debu has drilled this into me to call it a resume, Bastard he knew it all .
bill faust told us personal promise, iv made it according to that now debu and your fundas suck.

btw i suggest you an M-B-A as well..........

Monday, December 18, 2006


Paint me RED

Have been getting wild imaginations running lately and was thinking that why are humans just white , brown and black (different scales of it ofcource) in colour, why not blue, green , voilet, mehroon or red(my favourate).

wouldnt it be wonderfull to see people around you with a red(or any other for that matter) skin colour?

while having cofee at ccd (masjd moth)i asked this to 2 friends and after the initial phase of them thinking that i have gone mad they agreed to share thier thoughts on it ,

pranay; tell me yaar?

rupali: i think it would have been wonderfull as with different colours we could stand out. we could match our lipsticks and eyeshadows with our skin blah blah blah ....aaahahhh sure i would have been brown, heheheh Vikram u like brown na....:):):)*chickles*

vikram:ur already brown duh>>.and i like white!

rupali: oh as if you are very fair.blah blah

pranay:stop it guys, acha tun bol yaar what do you think bhai?

vikram; i think it would have been bad.

*long pause* i thought he will say more but after about 1 min when he dint

rupali : and why do you say that?( very happy that her BF can think aswel)

vikram: because i think if every1 has a different skin colour the kids would have a huge problem, as in , imagine i am blue and rupali is say black ooohhh ok green what would the kids be like voilet or magenta,???

pranay; par bhai abhi when a firang has a kid with say someone of my colour its still the same for the kids,,,and does it matter????

rupali; for him it does, i know he wants.... blah blah then sob sob

pranay: oh i dint mean to guys,,ahh hm uh , chalo ill cu later yaar.. bye yaar,...

i later realised it was a question not meant for those two as their whole life revolves around each other and the small things in life, so they hardly care to think beyond it (which is fair enough),
but i honestly feel it would have been wonderfull if such a thing would have been possible as there would have been less racial discrimination and ofcource more choices!!!!!!!

cant imagine having a blue coloured GF or wife!!!!!wow that would be some fun!!!!
but me being red the kids would have been hmmmmm????????



Thursday, December 14, 2006

Changes in Dilli

15th dec2006 4 o clock in the nite

Changes in delhi friend

"bhai aajkal sab ladkia mujhe best friend bana letin hain" Rajatvir singh chugh 14th dec 2006 on the way of a geri to gk 2 delhi.

"dost hain!!!!!" has become a fact of life lately for me and my closest friends from childhood. trust me its not ammusing anymore and im disgusted by the fact that me trying to make it so apparant has also not been helping the cause in making these stupid(i have a bad choice) girls reallize that i am not talking about thier ex's and giving them that shoulder to cry because i think they are going through a bad phase in life but because i think they should move on with a new guy who is more intelligent , smart, and ofcource caring( heeeeeyyyy; if you dont get the meaning, means u dont come to holiday club:))
the ever so irritating talks and conversations about there lovy dovy moments has been making me all the more frustrated about both my ability and tolerance level of listening to things and discussing the pros and cons of someone elses relationship with someone i mostly dont even know ( and if do, then dont really think highly of him anyways) , i have been spreading "gyan" to all these girls and they have started thinking of me as thier best friend (sometimes brother as well which is worse) without reallising my internal feelings for them(hhhhheeeeyyyy again)
the 2 days in delhi have shown me that our lives have had this radical change and we are no more the 19 ,20 year olds driving those cars in gk with loud music and going to noida( sector 15a) and gurgoan late in the nites to get to see them in thier balconies, most of those girls have left us( heeeeyyy 3rd time) and have settled down or have shifted out of delhi and this new breed hardly knows us and those who do have already been preoccupied/booked by other friends(heeeyyyy i think 4th time) ....
So no more geri's of GK and noida , no more making girl friends jump thier walls and climb down from pipes and trees of thier houses more of finding dark corners of delhi to park cars and no more of finding places to hide to smoke ...........

HIGH time WE grow up now..................

heeeeeyyyyy Noways .....chugh geri tomm after you come back frm work.......

2. according to papaji(sandeep a friend frm glasgow who is also from delhi) the only prominant change in delhi since we have shifted out has been the moolchand flyover.......he's loved its construction and the way the flyover goes zig zag to 3/4 directions made him go ga ga about our government and telling me(as usual) how India would become a super power in a few years and take over all these big countries, and in 100 years rule the world.....
though i know him well enough to discount whatever he said by about 90% i still made sure that i cross the flyover 1nce today just to get the feel of it and to experiance what papaji thought as an amazing feeling,,,,, but it was exactically as i thought it would be when i thouht of it while taking a left turn from south ex, -- a lame and boring drive with montu and viky and talking about the stories i was making up at those moments itself about different stuff i have been doing in glasgow.

btw- papaji i think itll take us a few more than 100 years abhi , but yes nothings better than sanjha chulah anywhere in the world i agree, we are a super power with chicken tikkas for sure...

3 bhanu gets married

Mere yaar ki shadi hain........
bhanu would be our 1st friend from school to get married on the 23rd of this month.
he came home today and looked pretty chilled out and happy ( im really happy for him aswell)
just that at the age of 23 he might just get caught by the police under child marriage laws everything else looked all sorted out and i am ready for all the bhangra on his functions

congratulations to both you and nimisha bro....god bless you both ( sorry for not coming up with any stupid talk in this one as i am really happy for them)

4. so many places ceilled
from mocha to big chill and fairyland all our important places and hangouts in life have been shut by our municipal corporation atleast till my visit(im really unwanted), as i have heard they will open up in a few days.......after a few years they finally did what they have been blabbing around for a few years now and am sure made a few thousand bucks each in the process of opening and closing of shops...............hmmmm interesting as it according to surveys in the last few months is the most wanted job for new employees wanting to join the public sure its got a lot to do with this ,

but what about sainik farm mcd????

to be continued..........................

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Writers Block

Writers Block

ohhhh i hate that i have started writing in a certain style, the traumas(some people would say usual happenings) in my life have taken over my writing abilities , and i just write on those bounderies ranging from lost love to missing home....ahhhh what lack in life.....I want a reversal, a conflict. a plot to write on, have been stopping by on different bloggers(iv spent 8hrs of reading tday) and reading a lot of wierd stuff(in the middle of 2 big assignments) to get over this(for both self and the writing) .It refreshes your mind and makes you believe that you are not alone ,there are people who are as mad as u!!!!!!!!
trust me it makes me feel better
so i have the energy to write
plan of action
1. Change of topics to be written

2. be more charasmatic, flairy and yes use the pool of vocablary

3. bcome british ,feel at home here , feel as if you belong here

4. go out with the next girl you see.

1. topics coming to mind after reading these blog include drugs, sex ohhh dont remember reading anyting more

2. hardly have a vocablory about alchohol and the only drug i know is cocaine but yes have read the kamasutra so will use it here

3. going back home tommorow so fuck UK

4.i saw chwangsa( sheeeeeesh cant even say the name)

So better stick to what you are and know best..wat say?
pen is mightier than the sword?
lebenon or kashmir?
the curries of uk?
Celidh mixed with bhangra?
the smell of propaganda?
10000 died 1nce in WTC, 228 die in kashmir everyday?world terrorism thats what u said, Bush?
jisne lahore nahi dekhya si?
ok, its working its working, keep it flowing pranay.....

Back home tommorow would love the 2 weeks there?
i still miss you?

fuck it dude , you can never change.................................

btw - i will stop by to watch janne bhi do yarron and we'll continue later.